Discover your life. Again 

“Ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it.

          ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

What if you could put your life on a new path?

A path where you rediscover the real 
A return to the things that matter to the most to
A life that is centered around


                                           ..instead of everything and everyone else

A life full of YOUr peace, YOUr joy and YOUr happiness.

Things happen. Life happens.

Managing the job…the family…the relationship – it takes work.  But the stress of doing it all  not only drains you, it makes it even more difficult to focus on what matters most, AND  it can put on you on a vicious cycle of self-doubt and frustration.

Sometimes, we find ourselves off-track, discombobulated inside and out. And all of it, is okay. Really it is. When we all fall down or fall short…  It’s the getting back up that counts. 



You take care of everyone and everything…

Isn’t it time to start taking care of YOU again?


Why continue listening, thinking, believing you can’t have what you want, be who you truly are when…

You know better than that.



As a Resilient Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, I know change doesn’t have to be the same old battle of depleted willpower against self-limiting thoughts and behavior patterns.

You have a strong desire for happiness, for personal growth…use it.  


Whether you are ready to break the bonds of old negativity, develop habits that work or just relax and live your best life, I can help



We can tap into your desire for change and develop a road map to a clearer frame of mind. I can facilitate and empower you to make the differences in your life you want to turn your life around.  


Let’s do something to erase those old belief systems and negative habits.  Then you get to replace them with the positive self-talk and healthier behaviors that you know will help you break free from your triggers/blocks to success!


Let’s put you on the path to living your best life, joyfully & out loud. 

I am dedicated to improving the

∴  Overall quality of your life  ∴

∴  Rebuilding your internal heart wisdom & knowledge connection  ∴

∴  Empowering you to re-imagine, recapture and rediscover the you that YOU have always wanted to be  ∴

Together, you and I can transform your life by bringing to the surface the authentic, healthier, happier YOU inside of you.

Welcome to your new beginning.