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Inspire Customer Confidence, Increase Your Sales, and Protect Your Biggest Investment – 

Your Employees


Healthier employees + good employer = better business.

Being a good employer means you look for what helps your  people improve their personal development and make the overall work culture in your business more supportive of good intrapersonal communication practices.

So let’s move your business or organization to a higher level of functionality!

By providing Wellness Workshops or short Lunch & Learn info breaks, your employees receive education, awareness, motivation, tools, strategies, supportive policies and social support needed to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

This can translate into a cost-savings to your business, your employer-offered insurance and make your new hire package more attractive to prospective employees.

Here are just a few ways we can help your employees:

  • Improve Communications within Your Workforce
  • Develop a better Work/Life Balance
  • Overcome Sleep and Insomnia Issues
  • Enhance Personal Productivity

Call us to discuss a negotiated corporate discount for your employees or group sessions for my  Smoking Cessation program. Please note that the success and follow though from one-on-one sessions is higher than group sessions.


Need a Motivational Keynote Speaker for your next Corporate Event? Want to make it

NOT just any








I can speak from thirty minutes to an hour then weave in experiential elements using audio visual cues to create the dynamic one of a kind events your audience will appreciate.

What do you want them to experience? Some of my favorite things to talk about:

Ask Before You Speak

Don’t be the Office Cray Cray

Falling in Love with Yourself

How NOT to Lose Your Job

Mini-Workshop: Finding Your Super Power and How to Use It(120 min.)

Negative Self-Talk – The Silent Killer

The Platinum Rule of Communications


I don’t usually toot my own horn…but I am #TEAMAWESOME at Facilitating, Creating or Planning for:

  • Debriefs
  • Seminars,
  • Panel Discussions
  • sponsored Health Fairs
  • Half-Day Staff Development
  • Full-Day Department Workshops
  • Multi-Day Retreats
  • Executive Planning Sessions

Want to bring your vision of your gathering to life? Share with me where you see your business could be in the future. Let’s co-create something meaningful and transformational for your event, your staff, your audience and help you get there.  

Click HERE to connect with me and discuss what you want. The pricing for your event is dependent proportional on your program’s research, development and facilitation time.