How I Can Help

What are you dealing with? Are you struggling to break free from something? Click on a title to learn how I could help you with:

Become less likely to overreact to stressful situations, manage stress better, and instead find healthier more productive solutions.

When someone has a phobia, they spend an inordinate amount of time or make an unnecessarily large effort to avoid the thing they are irrationally afraid of. These phobias go further than general fear, causing people to constantly worry that they will encounter the object/situation that they dread.


For those who are dealing with gender, sexual identity or orientation questions and issues, Hypno-Coaching can help.

It can also be a wonderful tool to assist with those who are in transition.

If you or a family member are struggling with what it means to be your fully beautiful self, coming out to loved ones and co-workers or just living with intersecting identities of faith and culture, we can work though these issues in a more supportive way.


Our subconscious mind listens to every thought we have. 

Perhaps you think negatively about yourself or just think negatively in general and you would like to turn things around by creating new neural pathways) to believe the positive self-talk you need to deliver you a happier life. Hypno-Coaching can clear the path between you and manifesting a whole new way of life.

inspiring words for self confidence

Hypnosis will not make your food have fewer calories, it won’t slim and tone you muscles, or lower your cholesterol. However, your subconscious mind knows exactly what you need. With hypnotherapy, you can bring your body and mind into alignment when it comes to how, when, why and especially what you eat. 

Becoming a non-smoker can be achieved with relaxation, with customized conscious imagery and integrating the correct suggestions at the correct time.

I will teach you how to embrace accountability AND self-compassion. By using SMART (Specific, Meaningful, Assessable, Realistic, Timed) goals, you learn to set concrete and achievable changes and habits.