Let’s not beat around the bush…

Hypnosis will not make someone straight. I don’t give care what anyone says – using hypnotherapy to try to convert someone to being straight is a waste of time and money, it’s immoral and just plain wrong.

There is nothing wrong with being LGBTQIA. Nothing to fix. Nothing to change.

And yet repeated studies have shown that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people have higher incidences of stress, anxiety and depression than other population groups.

Maybe is it because many of the community still feel as though they have to hide themselves from certain segments of the society, they constantly feel attacked and belittled by the majority of the population. After years of fighting for basic rights and struggling to come out, there still seems to be a tough road ahead and that can wear down even the strongest rainbow heart. 

For those who are dealing with gender, sexual identity or orientation questions and issues, hypnosis can help.

It can also be a wonderful tool to assist with the transition process. With your therapist’s okay, it can be of use as an extension of your mental healthcare sessions. While it will NOT speed up the process, hypnosis can help you reach things you didn’t even know you needed to learn and enjoy each step of the way. 

If you or a family member are struggling with what it means to be your fully beautiful self, coming out to loved ones and co-workers or just living with intersecting identities of faith and culture, we can work though these issues with supportive, non-threatening hypnotherapy.  

I want to make sure that LGBTQIA people who would like to experience hypnosis/hypnotherapy for any reason have the opportunity to do so in an environment that is safe and respectful with someone who understands the need for cultural sensitivity and understanding. 


Additionally, I am happy to offer virtual sessions for clients that are anxious about being in public or require extra discretion.