What is HypnoCoaching?


HypnoCoaching builds on to that process of change and growth started in subconscious with hypnosis by including neurolinguistics programming(NLP) and resilient life coaching.

It can help gently release blocks and fears in the subconscious mind, allowing you to create new inner beliefs and steps that will set the wheels in motion to make positive changes in the way you think, feel and live your life.

Each session includes thought-provoking questions, hypnosis and interactive exercises for you to discover inner truths about yourself, about your beliefs and misbeliefs.  These tools to bypass your conscious mind’s intellectual critical factor and directly contact the subconscious creative force that lives deep within us.


By building on your strengths and desires to move forward, HypnoCoaching helps you get far more out of the regular coaching process. Some of the issues that become known in our sessions include: overall wellness, life balance, life purpose, career and finances goals, improving romantic relationships, personal growth and spiritual development.

Through HypnoCoaching, we clarify your values and deepest desires, identify your goals for success and bring them to life.