Life is tough… You’re tougher. 

Still, it can be hard to get Life right when you’re always

overwhelmed and underjoyed. 

You slay at work, putting out fire after fire.  You never miss a school function or commitment because your family is your everything. BUT you take care of everyone else on your list first… which means you’re always last. 

I work with people just like you every day; people in need of Radical Self-Care. You ignore the fatigue, the headaches, the insomnia, the anxiety that slowly creeps in, and continues to push through, you hit a wall; a wall of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.  

You’ve heard others say their sudden illness or their breakup was a blessing in disguise because it forced them, gave them a “real” reason to re-prioritize and focus time and energy for themselves. You don’t want that.  


You’re ready to thrive NOW…but you haven’t a clue how to make your Life yours again. 


    •  You devote all your energy to your family, job, or both but you’re so drained you’re not sure you can keep this up because no on is taking care of you. 
    • You leave the dishes for tomorrow and drag yourself to bed for some much needed rest but find yourself awake at 3 am because you can’t stop second-guessing yourself and worrying about all of the what if’s.
    • You plop down in front of TV to catch a veg-out break but feel guilty for taking time for yourself because there is still so much to do (there’s always so much to do) and you have no help.


Doing everything for everybody, neglecting the light inside you, leaves you feeling off-balance, irritated and frustrated; it stops you from enjoying your life and the people in it. (It’s okay to want more from your Life, in fact, it’s more than okay, it’s pretty damn healthy)

I feel you; been there, done that.  Trust and believe I was permanently stressed and unable to focus on my own happiness because I was constantly fulfilling someone else’s dreams, taking care of someone else’s problems, and unable to put my energy into living authentically.


That changed – once I stopped putting everyone else first, gave up the excuses, and gave myself permission to focus on me; to start taking care of myself and what I wanted from Life.


Balance.  Peace of Mind.  Joy.


When you focus on what helps you stay emotionally balanced, mentally present, and stress-free, you have more energy  and clarity- you stop chasing life for others and start living a Life that includes others. 

    • You spend quality time with the people your love at home and have productive time at work because you’re taking care of yourself and have plenty of energy to share. 
    • Your nights are  restful; you sleep peacefully the whole night through and wake up refreshed, confident, ready to take on the day knowing you can handle any obstacles in your path. 
    • You have time to watch a movie with your family because you prioritized, giving your time to not only get all of the work done… EVERYONE pitched in to help.


It’s difficult to believe you could actually have a joy-filled life, to unhear that little voice trying to scare to stay on the hamster wheel with the lie that “you have to work harder/faster/more for everyone and then you can…” in order to have what you want, what you deserve. 

I used to think the same thing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 


Once I started to use these processes and techniques, I wanted to do more than exist again, I wanted to live again, to THRIVE again.



“Stefanie has been an asset – with her innate abilities to lead and encourage. She showed me how to walk through the healing process that is eye opening and life changing.  I volunteered to write this recommendation for Stefanie because I am very grateful for her, she went beyond my expectations!”

Eliza D.


Introducing … The Inner Badassery™ Program


This program is designed to help you achieve deep personal fulfillment and live your life more joy-fully and out loud every day. By taking this on, you’ll decide to be more balanced and lovingly connected to the people in your life, and become fully engaged in a Life that looks more like YOU.



Living a Life of Inner Badasseryis all about tapping into your personal power so you can reduce your sense of overwhelm, bring more peace, clarity and self-love to your day-to-day.

With Inner Badassery™, you get see what keeping you overwhelmed and underjoyed; to view the perceptions, beliefs and misbeliefs you base your actions on with clarity and objectivity. To learn what keeps you energized and joy-filled, what makes you relaxed and happy instead of rushed and stressed. Then we find and/or rebuild the connection to your intuition, your heart wisdom – so you how NOT to get stuck on #teamtoomuch again. With the pieces to support YOUr life fully in place, now you have the awareness and the skills of how to better navigate around and away from the obstacles blocking your peace of mind and to access your own inner badassery.


 And it is okay if you are not sure THIS is for you.  It takes effort and a willingness to find a better way to support and reinforce healthier behaviors and thoughts. Not everybody is ready for this kind of motivation.  

But remember – first and foremost, all it takes is believing that you are worth it. 

I know you’re worth it… the question is – DO YOU?


 “I was going through a horrible period in my life: things got difficult at work AND my long-term relationship ended. Stefanie coached me through it using her lessons on accessing my inner wisdom and self-love. She helped me discover that it was easier to accept and love parts of myself that I didn’t know didn’t need fixing. Working with her changed my worldview from struggle to enjoyment. Thanks to her, I feel more in control of my future happiness. To me, she is the greatest thing since bottled wine.”

Sharon R. 


Hi, I’m Stefanie. I’ve been where you are now – overwhelmed and underjoyed. It’s said that the best healers and coaches are the ones who have been through the fire and have come out the other side – and boy, that would be me! I lost myself in jobs that consumed all my time and my life. I overbooked my life so much I almost made my lungs almost quit on me by not dealing with my asthma. Twice. But my best idea had me trying to numb myself with junk food, junk people and bad TV. 


I became tired of being sick and tired – I made a decision to change my life. I focused on building up my internal tools to navigate my life and to develop the positive steps I needed. Little by little, I felt the subtle changes inside when you give yourself permission to grow. I felt more ME. My Life became wonderful and weird and funny and ALL MINE.  And I’m still totally in love with it being that way. 

But I can’t be out here being all fantabulous by myself – I want to share the techniques, internal tools and processes I learned with YOU.


“I was desperate to figure out how add time to my day. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to get everything done I thought I should be doing for work and spend quality with my daughter. Stefanie assisted me to see the hidden yet obvious truths in the way I was undervaluing myself and my relationship with my child… she helped me put my focus back on what was important to me in my life.”
Tina W.

Here’s exactly what you get when you join Inner Badassery  –


     Bi-Weekly 1:1 hypno-coaching sessions via in-person/zoom, so your journey is fully supported 

    Personalized assignments & easy to complete worksheets (Yay Homework!) so you can focus on your personal power and development

   Accountability check-in sessions via text/email/zoom: in-between session encouragement you can depend on

     Guided Imagery Audio Clips and Weekly Affirmations –  assisting your relaxation, imagery and meditation

      Your very own HWH swag bag & a journal – created just for you and your mastery




YOUR INVESTMENT – ONLY $500.00 per month (no hidden fees; cancel at any time)

Once you click the button below, you’ll be directed to my calendar. Grab a spot that fits your schedule. This complimentary 30-minute session provides an opportunity for us to talk, give you a chance to get your questions answered, and to figure out your best next steps. 




Q: Can I really afford this? 

A: The cost of this program is as about as affordable as a new couch. Investing in yourself now will create long-lasting results that lead to something totally opposite to the overwhelm and underjoyed life you continue putting mind and your body(health) through – which is why you are taking this important next step. While this is certainly something to consider seriously, I suspect continuing to struggle with overwhelming negative thoughts, insomnia, poor eating habits, unbalanced living and difficult emotions are what you really can’t afford.


Q: I’m pretty busy now – how much time will it take to complete the homework each week?

A: I know your days are stressed and you don’t want to take on another bleeping-thing, so I’ve kept the lessons bitesize. It should take you about 30 minutes to complete each a writing assignment, 20 minutes for the coaching call-ins and our bi-weekly coaching session will be 75-90 minutes. Using what you learn will happen easily and effortlessly in your day to day life without setting aside any extra time you don’t want have.


Q:  I like what you are saying …but can’t I just read a book about mindset or resiliency?

A:  Sure you can!  But then again it has taken me over 25 years of books, classes, retreats, meditation more books, holistic and allopathic sessions, workshops and even more books (and not all just about resilience or mindset), and seriously putting in the work before I started to see a real change in my thinking.  Without having someone there to keep you on track, holding you accountable and supporting your progress, it can be easy to find yourself getting frustrated and giving up.  I’ve done the research for you! And I have created a program to get you moving towards a powerful and lasting change… and I will be there with you every step of the way.



More than anything, I want you to discover the tools and processes that give you the chance to be happier, to redirect YOUr life towards the Life you have always wanted –  to have time and headspace for the people you love, to not only do the things you have to do every day with more clarity and peace but also the motivation to do the things you want to do, and to live more joyfully and out loud, bringing out your best YOU…   

All. The. Damn. Time.