It is not unusual for you to feel a bit uncomfortable about coming to see a hypnotherapist or a life coach for the first time.  

 I get a ton of questions when I talk with a new client.  And honestly, I can’t give a straight forward answer to the one I get the most. 

That question usually is, “How many sessions will I need?”  Wanna to know what else they ask?

"Will it work"?



Yes, it can work for you. And yet, that really depends upon you and the results you want. 

Sometimes, a single session may be all that is needed. Regardless if it’s hypnosis or coaching, the usual number of sessions can between 2 -10.


Hypnosis often relies upon repetition in order to be truly effective.  Someone may require more than one session to achieve the results they are looking for.

Whatever you are trying to release and bring into your life, you need  to know where you are before you can figure out what next direction is best for you to take. Life Coaching has long been utilized to deal with stress, anxiety and change. 


If you are looking for a life without smoking,  Cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone. Some us need to get to the heart of why we smoke and when to become smoke-free.  When you consider this, you can understand why a Smoking Cessation plan may need to be broken down and worked on over several sessions.

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