What is Reiki?

The Five Precepts of Reiki 
For Today only,
Do not Anger.
Do not Worry.
Be Humble.
Be Honest in my work.
Be Compassionate to yourself and others.

Reiki can introduce a closer, more intimate self-cleansing experience to anyone.

Translated, Reiki simply mean celestial energy.  It is a way to unblock an internal energy force and get rebalanced and in harmony with what is good and right in your Life.

A Reiki session can help ease tension, stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. This non-invasive, low contact, fully clothed session is pleasant and relaxing and it often puts the focus back on with what we can actually affect change in, peace of mind.

Through the Reiki, clearing this focus is sort of like fine tuning the perfect signal to your internal radio station. This connection is in each of us, waiting to be re-charged. It starts with a desire to be free of the things that make our stomach muscles ball up in knots.

Reconnecting to what is the core of who you are, finding meaning, balance and inner peace in a tumultuous time is one of the first steps back to the world making sense again.  The fixation on worry and fright starts to unwind and we change in spite of ourselves.

Because there is no deity attached to it, Reiki is not in conflict with any particular dogma or religion.   By adding this energetic technique to your session, you can unblock more energy and find a better sense of inner peace.