It is not unusual for clients to feel a bit uncomfortable about coming to see a hypnotherapist for the first time. All new clients are encouraged to schedule a free consultation. This session provides a chance to talk through issues and concerns and to decide the best way forward. 

One of the questions a lot of clients ask is “How many sessions will I need?”  Well, that really depends upon you and what you want and need to work on.  The usual number of sessions can between 2 -10.

Sometimes, a single session may be all that is needed. However hypnotherapy often relies upon repetition and supporting sessions in order to be truly effective. Someone may require more than one session to achieve the results they are looking for.

We will want to do some investigating into what are your best steps to change, how you would like to be instead and what resource is currently missing for you in order to have that outcome you want to achieve. When you consider all these things, you can understand why this may need to be broken down and worked on over several sessions.

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Individual Session Pricing Schedule

An additional 10% off per session/package is available for active military & their immediate families. Please let me know if you would like to take advantage of this during your consultation.
Prepaid Multiple Session Packages are available at a 20% discount    

Hypnosis (60 – 75 min. per session) – $150

Hypno-Coaching (ea. follow-up session only) – $200.00

Resiliency Coaching (60 min. per session w/1 follow-up email) – $95.00

Reiki (45 mins. per session) – $45.00

Stay Stopped Smoking Cessation – $697.00 (5 sessions in 6 weeks)


You can add Reiki to support any session for an additional fee.


Skype/Zoom sessions are available (coaching only)


Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods in the office:

Debit/Credit Cards    

Pre-Printed Check


Insurance, Medicaid/Medicare does not currently cover Hypnotherapy services or costs, however a Health Savings Account (HSA) is a payment option for many people. Check with your employer to see if they offer any assistance with Smoking Cessation or Weight Loss programs.


Cancellation Policy

We tailor our schedules to include your customized session. Therefore, please call if you are running late for your scheduled appointment. Appointment times will be held for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you will be considered a “no show”. Late arrivals will have their session downsized to fit the remaining allotted session time. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. ​ Cancellations within 24 hours and “no shows” will be charged 50% of the session amount.

We currently do not have a refund policy for services rendered.



Heartwise Holistics is committed to protecting your privacy while using this site. Should we ask you to fill in personal information about yourself, it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. We may amend this policy from time to time by updating this page. If we hold your details on our mailing list, we will write to you to let you know when we update our privacy policy. This policy is effective September 1, 2018.

Please understand that Hypnotherapy, Reiki and any other modality used are NOT substitutes for medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment.  It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you have or may have. If this is a medical emergency, please go to the hospital or immediately call 911.