Sacred Sexuality Made Simple

For those ready to know secrets to welcoming sexual energy and to see your body as the divine gift it is, “Sacred Sexuality Made Simple” is an intimate online experience that will share with you the culture of Tantra, its beginning lessons, and help you create the foundations for a profound and personal transformation.

In this two-day, limited workshop, you will be introduced to practices that will:

  • Dissolve mental, emotional, and physical armoring
  • Heal your heart from past wounding
  • Deepen your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Awaken and expand the 4 forms of pleasure: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual
  • Use pleasure as medicine to activate your FULL orgasmic potential


No previous experience is necessary – this event is open to any woman who is ready to take the journey inward.



No Nudity ~ However, there will be explicit and direct conversation and practices involving sex, sexual identity, orgasmic expression, and tantric sexual philosophy.


RSVP by: 2/3/2021 11:59 PM MST

Workshop link and additional information will be emailed to paid participants.


HIGHLY recommended to register early (only 18 spaces available!)

Grown Women Drink Coffee (and sometimes Tea)

Are you ready for a big cup of nurturing feminine energy? Ready to begin the journey to manifest your most authentically centered self and support others in doing the same? Welcome to all that want to learn how to follow their own natural flow…

Through through powerful questions and unique interactive exercises created specifically for the goddess in you,  we open ourselves to the process of letting go, clearing space and making room for abundance and growth, sharing knowledge, laughter, tears & wisdom.

We will guide each other to the greater compassion for ourselves and greater excitement for the path ahead. One who is willing to see their own imperfection, willing to celebrate their greatness and to thank the heavens for the view, is more connected to the Universe, more perfectly connected to their heart and soul.